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ArchWear can print your design on any T-shirt or sweatshirt. Do you need a custom-designed shirt? We can create a custom design to meet your specific needs! Let us know your desired color and style, and we will design and print the shirts for you!

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We will ship your finished shirts within 7-10 days.

We Can Print Your Design

Do you have a special design you want to see printed on a T-shirt? Let our team print your design on long sleeve T-shirts or short sleeve T-shirts in a variety of color options.

We Can Create a Design For You

Are you looking for a design for an upcoming event or special occasion? Our team can help you realize your vision and bring it to life in print.

Printed Apparel Coming Soon!

ArchWear will soon be availble in sweatshirts, hats, bags, and more! Keep checking back as we update out inventory to bring you more of what you are looking for!

Our Students at Work

ArchWear gainfully employs Upper School and Lower School students in our ArchWear Work Study program, teaching them job skills and a strong work ethic while providing them on-the-job training for future employment. Your support helps facilitate our efforts and broadens our community outreach as we empower our students with skills for a future in the community beyond graduation.

Have Your Design Professionally Printed
Or let us create a Design For You

We can print your art work, or we can create and print a professionally designed logo or graphic based on your particular needs and specifications.